Plug into Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) Resources to Accelerate Business Growth

Image: Plug into Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) Resources to Accelerate Business Growth

PEPs are top of mind right now for employers and advisors alike. What’s driving the interest?

  • Employers want solutions that simplify the experience of launching and operating a retirement plan. This is as true for employers who aren’t yet offering a plan as it is for those who have a plan but are experiencing common struggles with daily plan responsibilities.
  • Advisors have told us they want access to cost-effective, efficient solutions that improve overall client experiences, support long-term client retention—and boost profit margins.

PEPs are powerful because they check the box both for you and your clients. The real key is finding a partner with flexible solutions, advanced technology, proven expertise, and a full array of resources to help you sell with confidence.

Working with Ascensus and our subsidiaries, we’ve got you covered. You have access to affordable, streamlined, customizable PEP solutions that can work right out of the box for you and your clients. Better yet, if you’re new to these types of plans, we have a variety of resources that enable you to position and sell PEPs today to accelerate your business growth.

Using PEPs to Expand Retirement Plan Access

Brush up on the basics with our overview brochure.

When you're ready to dive deeper into the benefits, advantages, and recent research on the overall market opportunity, check out our whitepaper.

PEPs for Small Businesses

Small to mid-size clients could be a great fit for a PEP solution since these offerings can reduce employers’ administrative and fiduciary responsibilities. For example, smaller clients may lack the staff, time, or expertise to manage a retirement plan—but through a PEP, they can offload many of their duties and a significant amount of risk to their pooled plan provider.

Share the following articles with your small-plan clients when they are exploring options:

The Ascensus Secure Retirement PEP* guide

We offer an open, fully bundled solution nationwide—the Ascensus Secure Retirement PEP. Read our e-book for more information about the benefits and advantages for your clients.


PEPCAST audio series

PEPCAST is an engaging podcast series focused on all things MEPs (multiple employer plans) and PEPs that features Dale Essenmacher, Ascensus vice president and a pooled plan specialist with more than a decade of expertise in this space. We launched PEPCAST to get your clients plugged into everything they need to know about pooled retirement plan solutions.

Digital PEP proposals

Through our interactive system, we can generate a complete proposal for any of your clients that are ready to take the next step. Contact us to run a proposal or to discuss the next steps for any of your clients.

Put our expertise and resources to work for your practice. And if you haven’t already, make sure to bookmark our MEPs and PEPs resources page. We continue to provide new material that can help you throughout each stage of the sales process with prospective clients.


Interested in launching your own branded PEP solution powered by Ascensus?
We offer solutions for advisor groups looking to transition their block of pooled plans to a more efficient, cost-effective product and platform. It can be a great way to build your brand in the market while staying front and center with clients. Connect with your Ascensus regional vice president for more information.


*Registered as the Ascensus Secure Retirement Pooled Employer Plan with the Department of Labor.

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