Three ways to say "Yes" to more business

Image: Three ways to say "Yes" to more business

With more flexibility, consistency, and capacity, partnering with Ascensus makes it easier to say “yes” to more opportunities.

  1. Use flexibility to your advantage.
    A true partner gives you the freedom to choose the best plan and features for your clients with no compromises—so you can offer the right plan to every kind of client. Independence is key, and that’s what differentiates Ascensus:

  • With our independence comes predictable, straightforward pricing that’s never tied to investments.
  • We don’t derive revenue from proprietary products or investments—because we don’t have any.
  • Our independence allows for a singular focus on serving you and your clients.
  • As a product-agnostic partner, we operate without bias, which benefits you, your clients, and plan participants—and guides everything we do.
  1. Rely on consistent service excellence.
    Superior service from your retirement plan partner is a positive reflection on you. Great service makes your clients happy, creates long-lasting relationships, and opens the door for referrals. When you’re certain your partner has your back with top-notch service, you can focus on growth instead of spending time responding to administrative hiccups.

    Working with Ascensus, you can count on measurably excellent service from a recognized industry leader, including:
World-class satisfaction
  • Overall client satisfaction:
    +81 NPS for employers1
  • Onboarding experience:
    +82 NPS for employers1
Proven client retention
  • 97% client retention rate2
Third-party validation
  • 31 "Best in Class" awards earned in the 2021 PLANSPONSOR Defined Contribution (DC) survey
  • Top Advisor Choice recognition, recordkeeping category, in the 2022 PLANADVISER Adviser Choice Awards
  1. Unlock capacity through simplified administration and technology.
    When your clients’ plans are running efficiently, you have fewer challenges and questions to resolve—and more time to focus on generating new business. Here are three ways Ascensus makes plan administration easier for your clients and expands capacity for you:
  • eDelivery: Clients and participants appreciate the convenience of viewing plan information electronically and securely from any mobile or connected device 24/7. Encourage eDelivery and you’ll lighten the load and expenses for plan sponsors through less paper, fewer compliance concerns, and easy access to information employees need. Better yet, these benefits increase as more documents become available for eDelivery.
  • Payroll 360: Manual payroll processing demands significant attention from plan sponsors. Payroll 360 reduces the burden and risks of manual processing. Offering connectivity with more than 65 payroll providers—and even more on the horizon—Payroll 360 saves time, reduces fiduciary risk, and provides administrative peace of mind.
  • Auto force-out: Old account balances from former employees can cause a financial and administrative drag on company resources—and pose a fiduciary risk to your clients. Auto force-out helps plan sponsors easily identify and compliantly remove eligible accounts, serving the best interests of each former employee.

Want to say "yes" to more opportunities? Get there with Ascensus.

Partner with an organization that augments your team and gives you the flexibility to design a program on your terms to meet client needs. Look for independence, excellent service, and simplified administration—three hallmarks of Ascensus—and you’ll be well-positioned for more opportunities.


1NPS is a well-established metric that gauges client satisfaction by comparing the percentage of very satisfied customers (called Promoters) to the percentage of very dissatisfied customers (called Detractors). NPS ranges from -100 to +100 with 70+ considered world class. Source: Ascensus NPS data. June 30, 2022.

2Ascensus 2021. Excludes plan terminations and mergers and acquisitions.