Goldman Sachs asset management (GSAM) retirement survey & insights report

Image: Goldman Sachs asset management (GSAM) retirement survey & insights report

Investors face a complex backdrop due to rising interest rates, high inflation, and market volatility— creating a challenging environment to generate sustainable income and causing a strain on finances.

In their most recent report and webinar, "Navigating the Financial Vortex: From Retirement Readiness to Retirement Income," Goldman Sachs Asset Management outlines these hardships and considers possible paths forward to address the diverse needs of two key audiences: active employees and retirees.

Findings discussed include the latest trends for both groups:

Working individuals are most concerned with: Top challenges for which they seek advice:
51% Having sufficient savings Generating income
49% Inflation Understanding how long savings will last
43% Leaving a steady paycheck Knowing if savings are on track or how to adjust
Retirees are most concerned with: Top actions taken by retirees:
71% Inflation Reduced spending
51% Future healthcare needs Moved to conservative asset allocation
46% Potential cuts in Social Security Tapped into emergency savings

Find out which generation is truly in the heart of the financial vortex and the solutions that can help employees and retirees make their way to and through retirement. Read the survey and get more insights behind the numbers by viewing the recent on-demand webinar.