Self-Administered Program

We take the guess work out of forms generation with our Self-Administered Program.

Leveraging Technology to Reduce Errors

The Self-Administered Program eliminates the need for paper forms, automatically selects the right forms for transactions, and uses technology to catch common errors.

Ascensus leverages guided transaction paths that are intuitive and easy to understand. Our built-in compliance logic makes forms selection a breeze. Forms are user-friendly and our eSign capabilities provide for a paperless workflow with auto imaging functionality.

Ascensus provides unparalleled support for your IRA and HSA products through our call center, administrative calendars and checklists, and training videos.

Program Features

  • Compliant forms generation
  • eSign function
  • Integrated document imaging
  • Call center support
  • Compliance and operational manuals
  • Support and education
Have questions?
Call center support 800-356-9140

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