IRAdirect express™

Our express products connect your existing Ascensus platform to your core processing system, improving accuracy while making the entire process easier.

No more dual entry

IRAdirect express™ gives you the ability to enter transactions to your core processing system and IRAdirect in one easy step.

Each express integration provides a more efficient, user-friendly workflow for completing forms by entering transaction information into your core processing system. With one easy step, users can complete the necessary forms and post to the core and IRAdirect in real time, making transactions easier for your employees and improving the customer experience.

Major Product Benefits

  • Save Time
    IRAdirect express receives demographic and transaction data from your core processing system during basic transactions greatly reducing the amount of time spent on dual entry of this data.

  • Reduce Risk
    IRAdirect express connects to your core processing system and reduces the potential for common errors while streamlining back-office audit processes.

  • Simplify Integration
    IRAdirect express offers seamless integration with single-sign-on functionality that will automatically log users into IRAdirect from your core processing system. (Currently available for Episys, Keystone, and XP2)

  • Improve Client Experience
    IRAdirect express reduces redundancies when asking users to enter the account owner’s basic demographic information, simplifying the experience for your clients and processing transactions faster.

IRAdirect express Works With:

Symitar® Episys®

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Corelation® Keystone








CU Answers









  • Portico®
  • Spectrum®
  • XP2®
  • DNA®

IRAdirect® is a registered trademark of Ascensus, LLC.
Symitar®, Symitar PowerOn®, and Symitar Episys® are registered trademarks of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
Portico® is a registered trademark of Fiserv.
Spectrum® is a registered trademark of Fiserv.
DNA™ is a trademark of Fiserv.


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