Our SEP and SIMPLE IRA platform is designed for financial advisors who want to help small businesses and their employees save for retirement.

Help your small business clients

SEP and SIMPLE IRA retirement plans are great options to consider for small business owners who don’t want a full-fledged profit-sharing or 401(k) retirement plan.

With increased federal and state emphasis on small business employers assisting their employees with retirement readiness, now is the time to take advantage of our online SEP and SIMPLE IRA retirement plan program.

The best part: we offer both commission-based level-compensation and fee-based products that result in minimal administrative burden for you. Our dedicated IRA service team handles all aspects of the financial advisor, employer, and participant relationships.

Our SEP and SIMPLE platform combines:

  • Flexible fund selection
  • Online processing capabilities
  • Common remitter services
  • Our vast technical compliance knowledge

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