Ascensus Retirement Solution

A 401(k) Plan to Match Your Goals

When it comes to sponsoring a retirement plan, organizations need a plan that not only benefits employees but also contributes to long-term business success and financial stability. Our technology-enabled solutions are designed to help businesses and their financial advisors craft a customized and flexible 401(k) plan tailored to fit the specific needs and goals of each organization.

Plan administration made simple and secure

The Ascensus 401(k) retirement solution is a comprehensive and flexible 401(k) plan that simplifies administration and reduces fiduciary risk. Key plan features of the Ascensus 401(k) retirement solution include:

Ascensus 401(k) plan pricing

Our 401(k) plans are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, with flexible features and competitive fees. Forecast your expected fees here: Ascensus Cost Calculator.

Let's make a plan.

Extensive investment options tailored to your goals

Ascensus offers a wide range of high-quality, flexible open-architecture investment options, providing organizations and their advisors with exceptional choice and value. Our platform offers access to thousands of investment options and a variety of investment types—with no proprietary requirements—for a truly custom lineup tailored to your financial goals. The Ascensus 401(k) retirement solution includes distinguishing features such as:

  • Access to more than 16,000 funds
  • ETFs
  • Plan-level asset allocation models
  • Collective trust investments
  • Company stock

To learn more about the plan features and investment options available with the Ascensus 401(k) Retirement Solution, contact our team.

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