Advisor MEP and PEP Resources

Boost Your Business with Pooled Retirement Plans

The retirement market is changing rapidly—and as an advisor, being able to adapt to new opportunities and challenges is vital. Use these resources to stay up to date on multiple employer plans (MEPs) and pooled employer plans (PEPs), which offer advisors a lucrative opportunity to grow their practice.

PEPCAST Advisor Series: All things MEP and PEP

The PEPCAST advisor audio series dives deeper into timely topics that will help you capitalize on growing client demand for pooled retirement plan solutions. It’s hosted by Ascensus’ Aimee Furness, director of marketing strategy, and Dale Essenmacher, vice president and a pooled plan specialist with more than a decade of expertise in the multiple employer plan (MEP) and pooled employer plan (PEP) markets.

Using PEP Power to Grow Your Business
  • Covers how to grow your business by leveraging economies of scale
  • Describes how PEPs reduce administrative burden to increase your capacity to sell
  • Discusses how to increase assets under management and revenue with new market opportunities
How Advisors Launch Their Own PEPs to Increase Brand Awareness
  • Discusses the potential to grow your brand by launching your own PEP solution
  • Describes how the right partner enables you to execute a custom solution that fits your strategy
  • Provides proven ideas from our many successful PEP partnerships
How Advisors Use PEPs to Work with Centers of Influence for Cross-Selling
  • Describes how chambers of commerce, payroll companies, and other associations fit perfectly under the umbrella of an advisor’s branded PEP
  • Explains why PEP solutions are a gamechanger for associations that don’t have a retirement product
  • Reviews the potential for cross-selling to drive growth
How Advisors Use PEPs to Increase Profit Margins
  • Reviews how PEPs can increase efficiencies and lower client costs
  • Discusses roles and responsibilities in the PEP and your unique value proposition as an advisor
  • Explains why advisors are turning to PEPs to increase profit margins

Additional Resources


The Ascensus Secure Retirement PEP Guide The Ascensus Secure Retirement PEP allows clients to offload many of the complex aspects of running a retirement plan to the pooled plan provider. Learn more about this offering and its benefits for clients.
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