State-Facilitated Retirement Savings Programs

We want to help everyone in your state have a plan for retirement. While we handle administration, you can focus your attention on all your other responsibilities.

States are taking a proactive position

States are taking a proactive position on retirement security, working in public-private partnerships to expand retirement savings access at work.

Solutions include State Auto-IRAs, which are simple programs combining the portability of IRA accounts with the ease of automatic features and streamlined investment choices. Our unique combination of competencies positions us as a natural fit to take on the challenges of being first to market in supporting these new retirement savings solutions.

Our technology supports efficient administration and a best-in-class experience for employers and employees that is backed by our service and education philosophy. We believe in simplifying savings concepts and creating strategies to help savers set realistic goals.

Our experience

We've leveraged our experience in supporting large-scale savings programs to create a purpose-built platform for these state-facilitated retirement savings programs.

  • 40 years of providing streamlined IRA administration
  • 20 years serving public sector clients

How we help

Ascensus works closely with states to:

  • Simplify the plan and account management process with custom-built, user-friendly administration websites
  • Provide consistent and clear education about the program through all channels
  • Offer a dedicated service team to answer employer and employee questions on the program and general retirement savings

We provide key services to support the operation of their programs, including:

  • Regulatory Expertise
  • Forms and documents
  • Education and training
  • Award-winning client service
  • Program administration
  • In-state support
  • Employer and saver engagement

How does it work? Take a look!