Financial Wellness

We partner with Financial Finesse, a leading independent provider of financial wellness benefits for employees since 1999, to offer a benefit that includes AI-driven virtual financial coaching, educational resources, and topical emails to guide employees on their financial journey. There is also an option for unlimited access to confidential, one-on-one coaching from Financial Finesse's team of Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Coaches by phone or online chat.

Key benefits

  • Saves your company money through decreased absenteeism and turnover, reduced FICA tax expenses, and fewer deferred employee retirements3
  • Drives meaningful behavior change for your employees to improve their financial future2
  • Helps improve employee financial engagement, portfolio appropriateness, savings rates, and retirement readiness

Employers with financially engaged teams see a 54% increase in employees "on track to retire comfortably" and a 33% decrease in employees taking a plan loan in the last 12 months.1

Within 30 days of interacting with a coach, 97% of employees took at least one action step, such as increasing their retirement plan savings.1

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1Financial Finesse Financial Wellness Think TankTM, Five-year study of engaged Financial Finesse users from 2016-2021. Financial resilience is defined as having a handle on cash flow, being comfortable with debt, paying credit card balances in full, and maintaining an emergency fund.
2Financial Finesse Financial Wellness Think Tank, Financial Finesse users with Financial Coaching service, May 2021-May 2022.
3Ward, Gregory. "Calculating ROI: Measuring the Benefits of Workplace Financial Wellness." Society of Actuaries and Financial Finesse, 2017.

Based on your broker-dealer firm, institutional partner arrangement, and/or selling preferences, some program features may not apply.