Boost plan participation—and employee retention—in one easy step. Auto-enrollment makes it easier for eligible employees to participate in the plan instead of putting the burden on them to enroll. With auto-increase, you can accelerate retirement readiness by bumping up savings rates automatically each year.

Key benefits

  • Helps employees begin and accelerate saving for the future while overcoming inertia, a major obstacle to employee saving
  • Provides an appropriate, designated plan investment if employees do not select their own investments
  • Demonstrates your organization's commitment to retirement readiness, which helps attract and keep talent
  • Offers plan compliance testing advantages depending on the auto-enrollment arrangement selected—and may even eliminate the need for ADP/ACP testing

Plans with auto-enroll have 30% higher participation.1

Eligible employees who don’t enroll in their company’s retirement plan leave their employer at a rate 3x that of employees enrolled in the plan.1

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1Ascensus data as of December 31, 2021. Plan average and individual employer results will vary.

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