Insurance Company-Owned Life Insurance

Improving Outcomes with ICOLI

Insurance companies are always looking to invest in ways that balance their risk and return, with a focus on increasing profits, reserves, and financial stability. ICOLI is one of the few options that can help increase tax-adjusted earnings, receive better risk-based capital (RBC) outcomes, and enhance the investment options available to insurers. 

Driving enhanced investment results

Newport, an Ascensus company, provides ICOLI diagnostics that assess the key elements needed to structure, implement, and sustain an effective ICOLI program.

We use the data collected from ICOLI diagnostics, along with your current goals and objectives, to advise you on the optimal strategy for your company’s ICOLI program.

Our complete suite of insurance services are designed to reduce the burden on your organization.


Comprehensive product evaluations and recommendations to help you choose the right asset classes and managers

Thorough documentation of specific actions and risks that regulators need to be aware of before implementing an ICOLI program

Program implementation timelines

Accounting and financial reporting

Ongoing reporting to help you meet your continuing regulatory requirements

Policy owner services and annual plan review


ICOLI is a form of life insurance where the insurance company buys, owns, and is the beneficiary of policies on the lives of select senior management employees. It is typically paid with one lump sum payment and is a tax-efficient investment vehicle to help offset the expenses of employee benefit plans.

ICOLI earnings are based on a diversified investment portfolio managed by the life insurance carrier or an outside investment manager. Many life, health, and property and casualty (P&C) companies use ICOLI to help achieve a more diversified investment portfolio and comply with their surplus investment policy guidelines.

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