Trust Disclosures

Auto-IRA Rollover

Ascensus Trust’s Auto-IRA Rollover Program rolls account balances from retirement plans into individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) as part of a plan’s auto-rollover process.

The underlying investment for these IRAs is the Lincoln Stable Value Separate Account – ATC FO. The fund fact sheet for the Lincoln Stable Value Separate Account – ATC FO is available here.

State Facilitated Retirement IRA Accounts

The United States Treasury Note rates referenced in our disclosures can be found here.

Contribution and Distribution Float

Ascensus Trust will retain the interest earned on the money held by Ascensus Trust Company for assets held pending investment instructions or while waiting for a distribution check to be presented for payment, or “float.”

The approximate float earnings retained by Ascensus Trust Company are calculated monthly. The estimated monthly rates for 2024 are as follows: January 5.03%, February 5.20%, March 5.08%, April 5.08% (estimate).

The float calculation frequency was adjusted in February 2022. All prior years’ float earnings are provided to reflect historical rates.

Approximate float earnings during the 5 prior years:












Ascensus Trust Company is a North Dakota state-chartered trust company and is not a broker-dealer and does not provide investment advice.  No information contained on this webpage is intended to provide, legal, tax, or investment advice.