Fiduciary Programs

Managing a 401(k) plan can be complex and time consuming, so many plan sponsors choose to work with an expert who can help them with their administrative duties. Ascensus' fiduciary services are designed to help plan sponsors comply with fiduciary obligations—offering support for day-to-day plan management from a team of retirement experts.

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Easing your fiduciary responsibilities

Whether you need a comprehensive solution or a targeted approach, Ascensus has fiduciary service options that are designed to meet your needs.

  • Simplified and ERISA-compliant plan administration and investment responsibilities
  • Reduced plan sponsor risk and liability of failing to meet fiduciary standards
  • Fund diversification to ensure employees have appropriate options

Ascensus Fiduciary Services

Choose between three types of fiduciary programs, 3(16) Administrative Fiduciary Services, 3(21) Investment Fiduciary Advisory Services, and 3(38) Investment Fiduciary Management Services, that provide flexibility and support for your plan.

3(16) Administrative Fiduciary Services

At Ascensus, we provide best-in-class support for your plan administration and streamline responsibilities with routine monitoring, reporting, notice delivery, and distribution management. Our 3(16) Administrative Fiduciary Services help reduce your liability as a plan sponsor by:

Preparing and signing Form 5500

Identifying missing contributions

Approving distributions

Authorizing income rollovers

Approving loans and monitoring loan payments

Monitoring timely submission of payroll/transfer of funds

Handling fiduciary obligations and ensuring key functions are properly documented

Learn more about what a 3(16) fiduciary is and how retirement plan sponsors may benefit from having one. Ascensus 3(16) Administrative Fiduciary Services are exclusively available for full-service 401(k) plans. For a detailed list of services and plan criteria, refer to our 3(16) Administrative Fiduciary Services sheet.

3(21) Investment Fiduciary Advisory Services

A 3(21) investment advisor shares the fiduciary responsibility with you—helping guide you as you make investment decisions for your plan.

With Ascensus' 3(21) Investment Fiduciary Advisory Services, we provide investment recommendations on how to build the fund lineup and monitor investment options based on the plan’s objectives and participant demographics. As the plan sponsor, you ultimately retain the final decision-making authority and responsibility for the plan’s investments.



3(38) Investment Management Services

A 3(38) investment manager assumes full discretionary responsibility for selecting, managing, monitoring, and benchmarking the investment offerings available in the plan.

With the Ascensus 3(38) Investment Management Services, plan sponsors delegate the investment management function—alleviating the responsibility and liability of managing the plan’s investment menu.



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