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Ascensus Celebrates the Passage of SECURE 2.0

All of us at Ascensus are delighted by the passage of SECURE 2.0 and the bipartisan support that led to this important legislation. Thanks to the collaboration of our elected officials, savers across the U.S. will have additional opportunities to create more certain financial futures and greater peace of mind. 

December 23 2022
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David Musto Urges Congress to Maintain Momentum, Pass SECURE Act

Ascensus President David Musto contributed a byline to PLANADVISER in which he encourages political influencers to look beyond next year’s election and consider our nation’s outlook in 2044. Based on a retirement age of 67,  the average American worker is expected to retire in 2044. Will these workers be able to retire comfortably, having accumulated adequate savings? Musto highlights how the passage of the SECURE Act, with its provisions incentivizing retirement plan creation and increasing plan accessibility, might help boost their chances. "Kudos to Congress for working together to propose meaningful and much-needed retirement reform legislation. We’re almost over the hurdle and on our way to a brighter retirement future for all Americans," he concludes.

October 02 2019
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A message to our friends and partners

It's safe to say that the environment in which we're living and coping today is unlike any most of us have seen in our lifetimes. Worry for our own health and that of our loved ones, challenges to the operation of virtually every type of business, social distancing, travel restrictions, and startling global financial market volatility sometimes feel beyond our ability to process.

March 20 2020
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Change is necessary

In the past week, disturbing events have once again reminded us that freedom from racism and injustice is still not universally available to black Americans, along with other diverse communities.

January 01 2021