Additional 403(b) Plan Document Guidance Released

The IRS has released a revised Section 403(b) Pre-Approved Plans Listing of Required Modifications and Information Package (April 2022), which includes sample plan provisions to assist drafters of 403(b) pre-approved plan documents in satisfying the requirements of Internal Revenue Code Section 403(b) and associated regulations. This revised information package consists of five sections with sample provisions related to 1) all 403(b) plans and elective deferral only arrangements, 2) contributions other than elective deferrals, 3) standardized plan provisions, 4) nonstandardized plan provisions, and 5) retirement income accounts. This guidance has been updated to accommodate the 2022 Cumulative List of Changes in Section 403(b) Requirements for Section 403(b) Pre-approved Plans in Notice 2022-8, which was previously announced.