Leverage Technology

The Ascensus technology promise: Our systems and process are built to deliver quality, efficiency, and value.

Technology to make your tasks simple

We've found that smooth plan administration comes down to the right combination of technology and service.

Ascensus' proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) platform features web service-based application program interfaces (APIs). Our SaaS platform, which we named the Ascensus Recordkeeping System (ARK), is a fully-integrated, proprietary software solution that includes recordkeeping and administration, trade and brokerage interfaces, compliance, digital properties, and call center technology.

Where other recordkeeping systems require ongoing upgrades to their software solutions, Ascensus’ state-of-the-art technology provides vast capacity to create, customize, and modify functionality and processes automatically and without disruption. This includes the flexibility to integrate with a variety of innovative software products and technologies.

Why Ownership Matters

  • Our technology resides in our proprietary cloud and doesn't rely on leased software. We manage the projects, people, and process.
  • With Ascensus as the owners and operators, you can be confident that your priorities are always our priorities.
  • You won't have to worry about integration challenges or the added risks, costs, and dependencies that often come from third-party resources, software, and personnel.