Enabling auto-enroll and auto-increase features: It’s automatic with Ascensus.

Financial Advisor Newsletter | Summer 2022

30% increase in enrollment rates for plans with auto-enroll vs. plans without auto-enroll.The numbers tell the story: Plans with auto-enroll have better participation—30% better.1 And, plan participation is tied to employee retention. Eligible employees who don’t enroll leave at a rate 3x that of enrolled participants.1 Since auto-enroll and auto-increase are such critical drivers of plan performance, we now include them as default options in our plans.

Simplify your clients' decisions by recommending an Ascensus plan with auto features. And revisit these powerful features with your plans that don't yet have them.

Contact your Regional Vice President to add auto features to your plans. RVP Directory

1 Ascensus data as of December 31, 2021. Plan average and individual employer results will vary.