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Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Ascensus Offer a Retirement Plan Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Ascensus today announced the launch of Goldman Sachs Workplace Retirement Solution, which provides an integrated 401(k) or ERISA 403(b) retirement program aiming to support the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

November 02 2021
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Rick Irace Discusses the Importance of Clean Participant Data

In a recent PLANSPONSO​R article, Rick Irace, chief operating officer (COO) for Ascensus' Retirement line of business, talked about the importance of clean participant data when it comes to maintaining a healthy retirement plan. He notes that educating participants about why it’s important to keep their own data u​​​​​p to date is crucial to keeping data clean. He also discusses systems that Ascensus​​​​ has in place to ​​ensure that data is submitted accurately and points out that having clean data also reduces the risk of cybersecurity threats.​

August 12 2021