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Ascensus offers one-day IRA Essentials and Advanced IRAs workshops. These workshops will be delivered by Ascensus' instructors who are recognized as some of the leading retirement plan experts in the industry.  Our instructors use classroom instruction, multimedia presentation, and real-life examples to create an ideal learning environment for attendees. 


IRA Essentials
  • Individuals who need to learn the basic rules that govern Traditional and Roth IRAs
  • Individuals who need an updated, general refresher on IRA rules
Advanced IRAs
  • IRA Administrators, personal bankers, or member services personnel who want to provide enhanced customer service
  • Financial professionals who recognize that IRAs play an integral role in retirement planning
  • Seasoned IRA professionals who need to understand and explain the latest IRA features
  • Compliance personnel with procedural oversight of IRA policies and practices
  • Support personnel responsible for product and service marketing
Previous IRA knowledge is recommended for the Advanced IRAs workshop
IRA Essentials and Advanced IRAs are full-day workshops


Session Dates

Contact your account representative to schedule an IRA Workshop for your organization.


Ascensus also contracts to facilitate IRA training with many state credit union leagues/associations/networks.  The states that have contracted with us are in the drop-down list below.  Select your state and then click "Go" to be redirected to their website.



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Continuing Education Credits
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