Ascensus delivers a full range of Internet solutions to the retirement industry and other financial organizations. Our products include retirement distribution tools, business retirement plan selection systems, online IRA modeling and enrollment, online education, and online reference materials. Ascensus' wide range of tools are built so that they may complement an already strong and diverse web site or act as the focal piece of a smaller system. Additionally, our tools may be combined to form very complex systems for advisors or scaled down to target the general public and individual employees. Contact your Ascensus sales representative for more information at 1-800-346-3860 or e-mail:


Retirement Central®

Retirement Central® is an Internet-based solution which integrates top-shelf retirement-oriented content, education and planning tools with highly targeted calls to action. At any given point within Retirement Central® users are only a click away from links to related articles and planning tools, an online request for more information, or an action-oriented next step such as completing an online rollover IRA application. Retirement Central® also offers the financial organization a variety of customization options that will allow them to easily weave in their own unique content and calls to action as well as their own links to other areas within their enterprise-wide Web site. 




IRA Service Center™

IRA Service Center is an Internet-based solution that delivers a unique set of interactive IRA forms to assist customers in opening Traditional, Roth, and Coverdell ESAs while providing comprehensive "Learn About" text to aid in the decision making process. Conducting ongoing IRA transactions can be completed at a financial organization's website 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the IRA Service Center™.




HSA Service Center™

HSA Service Center combines Health Savings Account forms, planning and "what-if" tools, compliance logic, and broker/consumer-focused guidance at a single Internet location. This allows your organization to achieve a seamless interface to serve participant needs and to retain assets.




Plan Adoption System™

The Plan Adoption System is a web-based application that takes plan design and set-up to the highest level of accuracy, professionalism, and efficiency. Hallmark features, such as version history, compliance controls, and dynamic Summary Plan Description & Plan Highlights Sheet generation remain staples within the system. New features, such as the ability to create user profiles and interfaces allows financial organizations to expand system access as their distribution and servicing models evolve. Together, these features take plan establishment to the next level to meet this changing marketplace's needs.




IRA Strategist ™

The IRA Strategist Suite includes three IRA decision making tools. The IRA Eligibility Calculator™ determines the IRA options available while the IRA Selector™ and the IRA Conversion Analyzer™ determine which of the options is most beneficial. 




Distribution Strategist ™

The Distribution Strategist Suite incorporates four different tools to help individuals and advisors determine the best way to manage the distributions from retirement accounts. The tools in the Distribution Strategist™ Suite include the Rollover Planner™, RMD Planner™, Beneficiary Planner™ and the Early Payout Planner™, all of which are core tools for asset retention. 





Individual(k) site consists of all the pieces needed to launch an Individual(k) website for selling and supporting this innovative product. This site contains a calculator that can be used to compare the Individual(k) to other retirement plan options. Also included are informative and easy to understand FAQ's, product explanations, and technical background information. 





Ascensus' eLearning is an efficient, cost-effective way to learn about IRAs, Coverdell education savings accounts, health savings accounts, and retirement plans. Available as web or CD-based self-paced courses, eLearning allows learners to participate at their convenience, from their own workstations. This courseware is AICC and SCORM® compliant and is available in our learning management system (LMS), Ascensus University, or may be licensed for use within your own LMS. Ascensus' eLearning courses have been approved for continuing education credits, which may be applied to obtain or retain numerous certifications. Please contact our sales staff at or call 800-346-3860 to discuss your preferred demo options.




eResource Center

The eResource Center delivers comprehensive information about IRAs, Coverdell education savings accounts, health savings accounts, and employer-sponsored retirement plans – right to your desktop. The eResource Center is updated regularly throughout the year and includes government forms and source documents. Please contact our sales staff at or call 800-346-3860 to schedule a live demo.







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