To be truly effective, a retirement plan must be designed and tailored to an organization’s needs. We start with a basic question: how can we best help plan participants attain a secure retirement? This leads to an in-depth discussion about goals, current available design options, affects on required compliance testing, and the available financial and human resources needed to implement and support a plan.

We also help you choose and tailor the documents you need to implement and administer the plan, and support you with automatic ongoing updates to documents.


We provide document support to fit your business.
  • Prototype – For the easiest plan implementation, the prototype plan document is already reviewed and pre-approved by the IRS.
  • Volume Submitter – For greater flexibility, the volume submitter plan document has hundreds of customizable variations.
  • Individually Designed Plan – For the greatest level of customization and a highly specialized design structure, our ERISA experts can review an individually designed plan document to ensure compliance.
Depending on your goals, we can help you design safeguards to ensure your plan passes compliance testing, add incentives to make your plan more appealing to your employees, or include features to boost participation.

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