In the Fully-Administered IRAdirect® program, we partner with you to reduce your workload by providing complete administrative, operational, and compliance support for your IRA, HSA, and ESA programs. Our support means your staff spends less time on back-office IRA administration.
IRAdirect is a comprehensive, secure online processing system that facilitates faster, simpler programs by eliminating paper forms. Proven to reduce errors by nearly 80 percent, IRAdirect helps to ensure compliance and improves staff efficiency.
  • Tax Reporting – Produces and mails tax information to IRA owners and the IRS
  • Periodic Payment Notification and Calculation – Notifies you of IRA owners nearing critical ages to elect payment options
  • Death Benefit Claims Processing – Informs you and beneficiaries of payment options, and notifies you of how and when to disburse assets
  • Program Support Hotline – a toll-free hotline staffed by compliance experts
  • Marketing Support – Provides help for your marketing efforts, including ready-to-use newsletter articles, ads, web banners, and more
  • Time-Saving Calculators – Helps your staff complete challenging calculations for more accurate projections and transaction decisions
  • Calendar of Important Dates – Keep track of important IRA processing tasks, upcoming training opportunities, and other important dates


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