Credit Unions


Ascensus' training products are designed to help you create your own IRA and HSA training for your employees. These training tools allow you to maintain a well-trained staff at your pace and on your schedule. 
  • Train small to large groups at one time
  • Supplement other training methods
  • Allow flexibility for diverse schedules
  • Reduce education costs and eliminate travel costs  
IRA and HSA Training Organizers
Designed to accommodate all learning styles, these comprehensive training materials allow you to effectively create and customize your internal IRA and HSA training programs to meet the needs of your team. 
The Road to Retirement
The Road to Retirement game is a fun and interactive way for you to train your staff on IRA fundamentals. This approach allows students to review and apply what they learn.
Video Training Series
The Ascensus Video Training Series will help your credit union build the foundation of IRA and HSA knowledge you need to stay compliant in today’s industry. 

eLearning Library

Choose from a set of training courses delivered via CD (assessments included).  Courseware ranges from basic to advanced and covers a variety of topics related to IRAs, HSAs, qualified retirement plans, and education savings accounts.


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