Delivered at various locations throughout the nation, our instructor-led training is a perfect fit for those who want to interact with our professional trainers and other IRA professionals. 



  • Those responsible for IRA compliance and/or operations at your organization
  • An IRA service professional seeking to learn more about IRAs to enhance career advancement opportunities
  • Anyone needing education credits for certification

Fall Forum
Fall Forum offers the opportunity to gain the latest retirement plan analysis and insight during a 3-day conference. With more than 25 courses to choose from, attendees may design their own curriculum to enhance their industry knowledge.


IRA Institute

IRA Institute provides in-depth instruction on the “need-to-know” aspects of Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, simplified employee pension (SEP) plans, and savings incentive match plans for employees (SIMPLE) IRAs. This 5-day event prepares students for the Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) examination and for the ever-increasing challenges of meeting client expectations.

Seminar Tour
Ascensus offers one-day basic and advanced IRA seminars. Ascensus also teams up with state banking associations and Centers for Financial Training to offer a variety of training opportunities. The IRA Essentials seminar gives attendees a solid foundation of IRA knowledge. The Advanced IRA seminar builds on the attendees’ knowledge of IRA basics to help them address some of the more complex IRA issues.

Half-Day HSA Workshop
Whether your financial organization is just entering the HSA marketplace or is looking to enhance its current HSA program, the HSA Half-Day Workshop will help attendees become more comfortable with HSA operations, compliance, and industry trends.

On-Site Workshops
Our retirement plan professionals will work closely with you and your staff to learn about your business and training objectives in order to make recommendations and develop a retirement plan training program tailored especially for your organization.


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